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Today is the third day in a row that I arrived at the bus stop 61 minutes after waking up. I'm hella consistent. I've had less shin pain each day, and think that pretty soon they won't bother me at all. It's funny, once I make my way down to flat land, my stride becomes so long and bouncy, I feel like a chunky gazelle.

I work from home on Fridays, so I think tomorrow I'll wait until a little before lunch time so I can investigate some of the possible ways to get down there that aren't too clear on the map. The main reason is that I currently have to walk the last part along a busy, boring street. I might be able to follow a residential street instead, if I can find a way to get over to it. Google Maps thinks it's possible, I couldn't find how in the dark.

I ended up with a pretty bad headache a while after I got here on Tuesday, and a minor one yesterday. I felt this morning like I was close to having one, so I'm drinking lots more water and that seems to help. 

Getting up at 4:45 isn't so bad. I don't set an alarm on Fridays, it'll be interesting to say when I wake up tomorrow.

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