christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Walkin', eatin'

Turns out the route I was hoping to walk to work to stay off the really busy street toward the end is just not gonna happen. I walked in the daylight today to check out the route and it turns out that it goes way up a huge hill. Maybe someday when I'm more used to the walk, I'd think about it, but the path goes up a narrow, scary alley. Right as I got to the base of it today, a couple cars came flying down it. No, thank you.

Decided I should try something for lunch that Garrett wouldn't want since it's one of the only times I'm just cooking for myself, so I heated some big slices of portabella in a sprayed pan with salt and pepper. Just before taking them out, I splashed some balsamic vinegar in the pan and let them soak it up. Those went in a tortilla with goat cheese, about half a teaspoon of goddess dressing, and cabbage shreds. A few waffle fries and curry ketchup on the side. It was hella good.

Oh, I woke up with no alarm at 5:30 today.

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