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I normally get up at 4:45 and eventually catch the bus down in Montlake at 5:53. That's the second bus of the day, the first leaves at 5:23. I was wide awake this morning in bed and figured I'd check the time, and if it was 4:15 or before, I'd head out. Turns out it was exactly 4:15, so I did that.

Allow me to explain now that I don't have a clock I can see while I'm in bed. There's a really cool one on the wall that Garrett gave me, but it doesn't light up or glow. My phone is my alarm clock, and I keep that charging across the room. I can't recommend banishing visible clocks from your sleeping space enough. I mean really, you're there to relax and sleep. What's relaxing about obsessing about the time? Nothing.

Anyway, I headed out exactly half an hour earlier. Strangely enough, I saw more people than I normally do. One guy was outside our building trying to organize his belongings in his cart and asked me for the time, a dude was sitting on his porch, and a guy was jogging up Interlaken Drive, which I took for the first time today. I've never wanted to, because it has no sidewalk, but I realized today that there would probably be no cars since it wasn't even 5am yet. I was right, there was just a jogger.

By going that way, I was able to take the longest route possible without doubling back anywhere, and take the huge staircase. This is my route now, except on days when I can walk later. If it's light out, I'll cut through the park itself. There are lots of steps there, so it's more work.

If you're actually bored enough and wondering about these routes I talk about, plot a walking course in Google Maps from the Safeway at 15th and John to Montlake and 520. If you're not familiar, it allows you to drag the path around and see how far the walk is. I generally zig-zag my way down to 19th and Galer, and used to go around the park to the East but am now taking the windy road to the West. It's 2.4 miles down there and then I walk another half mile each way between my bus stop and office.

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