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Yesterday's walk was from our place near 15th and John on Capitol Hill to Calamity Jane's in Georgetown. I followed 12th over to Beacon Hill, then 14th Avenue South all the way to Snoqualmie where it crosses down. It was a really excellent walk and I saw lots of cool houses and stuff on Beacon Hill. And a few trashy ones. It's 5.1 miles and Google thinks it should take an hour and 37 minutes. I think the world of Google Maps walking directions isn't really realistic when it comes to time. I walk pretty fast, and it took closer to two hours. Of course, there are all the stoplights, but still, I don't think my normal walking speed would be considered average.

It was raining a bit, and it felt great. Until I got to breakfast and I was soaked through to the shoulders of my t-shirt even though I was wearing another long-sleeved shirt, my hoodie, and an anorak. Might have to get some better rain gear, because the anorak really does nothing to keep rain out. Maybe they aren't supposed to, I don't know. It does feel a little warm to have a wet one on, but you're still wet.

Anyway, five miles was a really nice walk and I might have to do that distance every other weekend or so. But I'd definitely want to find a route that either ends back here, or ends where there's an easy, quick bus ride back. After breakfast I had my friend Julie drop me off at the Northwest Worklofts on S Horton for my haircut, but my hairdresser wasn't there. I gave up about 25 minutes later and started walking toward the SoDo light rail stop when he finally woke up and called me at 11:30am. I could have turned around and met him there, but he had a noon appointment, and can't really do two people at once, so I just decided to go home. He was supposed to come over and cut my hair here last night, but excuses and stories and whatever.

Back to my point, which was that even though I barely had to wait at the light rail stop and caught a bus downtown just as I arrived and just as it was leaving, it still took about a full hour to get home from the lofts. Mostly because of Comicon traffic, but that only accounts for so much. It could have easily taken longer, too. 

Hopefully the haircut will happen tomorrow. My beard is making me crazy, but I don't want to touch it since he can do it with my hair and make it all look purty.

I've been meaning to post about underwear and walking. I've been wearing long underwear in the mornings and that's been fine, and if it's warmer I've been hiking up my boxers and then rolling the waistband down so they aren't low and getting in the way of my stride. Really what I need is low-rise boxers but I doubt any exist that are low enough. And normally the boxers kludge works well, but for five miles in the rain yesterday, it wasn't quite enough, and the spot where my thighs rub together got a little too rubbed. Minor friction burns and even a few knotted up hairs. Bleh.

What I keep meaning to look into is if there's such a thing as spandex walking pants that have reflectors going up them. No, I'm not going to walk around in spandex pants, they'd be under the shorts. I'm currently very guilty of that Seattle thing where you wear everything all dark and walk around in the dark. Totally dangerous. I'll at least get a reflective armband or something.

Today's a day off. My thighs will be thankful.


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