christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

What's in your bag?

What's in your bag? by christopher575
What's in your bag?, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

I decided to do a little check to make sure my bag was in order and figured I may as well do the famous meme. Clockwise from top left:

My bag itself, which I love, though I should have invested in a model (with the same pattern) that has more pockets. Water bottle, camera, and card reader (reads all sizes, really handy, especially once you can't find the cord that fits the camera). Baseball cap in case it rains, iPod cord, t-shirt I walked in today, and running tights (wrapped up inside). Emergency money in the form of dollar bills, mostly there in case someone needs bus fare. Sunglasses, keys, RuPaul's Drag U shopping bag, some gum just in case. I rarely chew gum any more even though I used to all day every day. And finally, Kindle and case.

I also usually have an anorak in there as well, but I didn't put it back in after the last time I hung it up to dry.


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