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One of my goals each morning is to avoid everyone else. 4:50am is just a weird time to be around other people. And I especially want to avoid cars. You know, so I don't get run over. I wear reflectors and walk and cross safely, but one stretch of road has no sidewalk and I have to be very aware of my surroundings.

It's usually fine, but newspaper delivery drivers are my biggest problem. One day I came across the same one about five times, but this week on Monday was the worst. The guy kept getting out of his car right by me, throwing a paper right in front of me, and catching up to me right in time to do it at his next stop. Over and over. So I crossed the street and he did it on the other side, too. Finally I just stood still and waited for him to get further ahead, since he obviously wasn't going to do it.

Today, I saw him coming and knew he was about to turn onto 17th, so I was smart and kept going to 18th. I walked a couple blocks in peace and felt so smart, when all of a sudden I heard something huge coming. A big loud truck pulled up right next to me. It was a milkman. Milkmen are still around. At least one, that exists just to mock me.

About a mile later, I came to the area where I feel I'm least likely to see any vehicles and that's good, because it's the worst place for it. Windy road, no sidewalk, few lights, etc. The speed limit is 5mph, for good reason. And just as I was thinking I surely wouldn't see any more dumb delivery vehicles this morning, a giant truck with some huge payload on a trailer pulled up on the other side of that spot where the road bends around. I could see it and I wasn't sure if it was parked, because it kept going backing up and pulling forward.

My choices were to come around the road and end up in the truck's headlights, or take a well-worn shortcut that I normally don't take because I figure someday I'll slide on some mud and regret it. I took the shortcut and emerged at the back of the truck, which was full of port-a-potties.

What a stupid morning.

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