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"Let's make a burrito!"

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I've been wanting a replacement for Sweaters of Felicity
Internet and tacos
Surely it'll never be as good, but I've started grabbing screenshots of the hairstyles of Dawson's Creek.

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This could be endless...so many 80s and 90s shows you could do!

This is incredible. Seriously two days ago I started watching Dawson's Creek. I had never seen it before. These are screenshots from the episodes I have seen! Dawson even mentions his mother's hair being way too big to Joey one night in the first or second ep. I am only on ep 3. And like ummm, ok. SPOILER ALERT. Having Pacey hook up and have sex with a teacher in the third episode... ? WHAT. That is some bold television making for sure.

i was watching Tosh.O last night and they had Van der Beek for a minute. Ahhh nostalge.

Katie Holmes' Bitchface

Michelle Williams has always been my favorite in that show.

Pacey grew up to be kinda hot. LOL.

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