christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Today's awesome walk, 3.18 miles in 1:04

This week I started taking a slightly different route near Interlaken Park so I could go a little further and avoid this one steep street I'm not terribly fond of walking down. Of course this got me thinking about going even further, so I looked at the map to find a longer route. I really love the back road through the Arboretum, so I mapped out a route that goes there. It's only open dawn to dusk, so right now is pretty much the only time of year I can go there on my early schedule. I'll keep going this way Monday-Thursday for the time being, it's a half mile longer than my normal route and I can probably get away with getting up at 4:25. Two extra miles a week is totally worth it.

Oh yeah, but there's a tradeoff. Now I get to walk down three long blocks of steep streets instead of just the one. Oh well.


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