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I was IMing with a coworker who I know does a lot of different exercisey things, and asked her if she ever gets headaches afterward. Most days lately, I either get a headache, or feel like I'm going to. She asked if I eat beforehand, and I don't. Might I be dehydrated? Maybe but I doubt it. Do I need better shoes? Actually I have a new pair and finally started lacing them correctly!

Ugh, but yeah, I should probably start eating something before I head out. So inconvenient. Currently, I'm out the door ten minutes after I wake up, and that's how I like it. I guess I could eat some sort of bar and throw the wrapper in my pocket. A banana would be delicious, but I can't think of too many trash cans along the route. Maybe I'll specifically look for them and could time it so I finish eating a banana right as I come up to one each morning.

I'm so systematic about these things. You'd laugh if you saw me in the locker room. In the morning, I wear the t-shirt from the previous day, and when I get to work I wrap my shoes in it so they don't get my other stuff dirty. Then, when I'm done, I turn the shirt inside-out and wrap my running tights in it, so they and the inside of my backpack don't get dirty.

Guess I should pick up a few different bars to try.

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