christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Today's awesome walk, 8.13 miles in 2:35

My current Monday-Thursday route has me arriving at the South end of
the Arboretum just as the sun is rising, which means I won't be able
to go that way soon since it's open dawn to dusk. I didn't want to
switch back to my old route because it's shorter, so I started looking
at new ways to get to my bus stop. The first part of today's walk was
a test to see how long it would take me to get there via the U
district. I actually got there right at 5:53 this morning, but I'm not
comfortable cutting it that close. Plus, I forgot to stretch this
morning. Once I switch to this route, I'll get up at 4:10 instead of
4:25. Going that way is almost exactly 4 miles, whereas my current
route is 3.39. An extra 2.4 miles a week sounds good to me!

After my research was done, I decided to go further South than I've
ever gone and finally see Madrona Park. I would have checked it out
more, but there was a bus at the stop due to leave any minute and my
feet and lower back hurt enough that I decided it was time to head
home. Since I took the 2, I ended up walking another 3/4 mile from the
stop to get home. Not a daily record, but close to it.


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