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"Let's make a burrito!"

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New gear
New gear by christopher575
New gear, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

Got some new tights because I already rubbed a hole out of the old ones in the thigh area. I guess that's to be expected after 500 miles. These don't have reflectors, and I realized that most don't, so I got separate ones to wear. They work like slap bracelets and they're awesome.

I wish the tights had a drawstring, but that's not a dealbreaker.

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those look like nice tights. i have two black pairs of some that look similar and they are so comfy and wonderful, plus i can't walk more than a mile without getting that chub rub on the thighs and they prevent that perfectly. when i get the thigh holes in clothing it's a feeling of success, that i've worn the clothes out, and from walking/hiking/etc and not just from regular everyday/lazy wear.

Yeah, the 500 miles figure was from four months of walkin'. Pow!

your walks (and the amount of mileage you cover) is/are so inspiring! i'm lazily getting ready to hike mt st helens later this summer and think of you whenever i go on an urban hike :)

That's great to hear. This morning's walk was threeee hours, gonna post the map later after I get some work done.

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