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If your morning isn't awesome enough, make it more awesome.

This morning started off interesting. I saw five cats, which was a new record. But then I realized it's because I see more of everything on this new route. People, cars, stoplights. It's kind of annoying. At least the views are spectacular. A lot of my views on the older routes were blocked by trees and such, but I cross two bridges going this way, and get nice, sweeping views there. 

Another thing about the current route is that there are a lot of choices once I get to UW. Today I chose to go along the ship canal because I specifically wanted to check out the Montlake bridge's pedestrian underpass that I noticed recently. I don't understand why all bridges don't have this. Stairs that go down one side, little walkway under, stairs back up. Perfect. Smart.

But I wasn't smart to take it today. Turns out there aren't stairs on the other side and you have to go a bit out of your way to get to a dirt road and then double back. But I didn't really care, because I got some awesome pictures.

Good morningIMAG0780.jpg

I even stopped a few times getting these, just thinking, not a big deal, I can always take the next bus. Turns out it was running seven minutes late, and I caught it anyway.

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