christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Today's awesome walk, 8.77 miles in 2:22

I was about to do my new normal 10-mile Friday walk, but the moon was so bright this morning that I didn't feel like turning my back to it. This gave me a chance to finally go over the Aurora Bridge again. I hadn't walked over it since 2004, and think about it pretty much every time I'm out walking and can see it off in the distance. It was a great walk for views, and if it wasn't for the hole in my foot growing bigger by the minute, I could have come home via Lake Union and the stairs of death. Some other time.

Glad I tried this route, soon it'll be too dark in the mornings for the Union Bay Natural Area, and maybe even for the Arboretum.

Big thanks to hildeaux for the app recommendation, it saved a nice clean GPX for me without all the jumping around that my regular app does.

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