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I'm now 62 episodes into Saved by the Bell. I'm amazed it lasted so long. I'm amazed I'm lasting so long.
I'm on track to break 40 miles in a week for the first time this week. I probably just jinxed it. Now that my Monday-Thursday routine is over five miles, I need to do 10 on Sunday and Friday to do that. The last 10-mile walk I did wasn't really that big of a deal, so hopefully soon, 40 miles a week will be typical. I would have done it sooner, but a few nights out and such got in my way. I don't really make too big of a deal out of that, though. I think the barrier for a lot of people is that they always feel like everything is a huge setback, whereas I prefer to be happy about what I did.

One thing that's on my mind is winter. I started walking in March, and was fine with walking in the rain and cool weather. I don't know what it'll be like when it gets really cold. I won't take any time off, though. If I have to, I'll get a temporary gym membership and walk on a treadmill. 

This time of year has already been problematic for the walks. So many places I like to go open at dawn, and we're getting less daylight every day. I was barely able to stay in bed long enough to have the sun rise in time for me to hit the Union Bay Natural Area on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see on Friday just how far I have to go if I get up at 4:10 before I can enter any of these place. It might even be too early for Ravenna Park. Maybe I should go there via the Aurora bridge. 
The new office is aight, but mostly only because it's got the cell reception and it's slightly bigger. Otherwise, things have changed a lot for me, just because of that move. It used to be that I only dealt with a few people locally and most of the time I emailed with anyone, it was subsidiary reps from around the world. Everything's centralized now, and I also sit by all those people. It's weird to be constantly walking by the people I work with rather than having them be thousands of miles away. Of course, that's how jobs usually are. I just got spoiled by the last few years.
Things are working out great with Steve. He sleeps with me in my room so Sam can have a break, which we feel is very necessary since Steve is so much more energetic and playful than he is. Sure, Steve treats Sam the way Sam used to treat Fred, but he's ten years younger so it happens a whole lot more.

When it comes to bedtime, Steve's much more well-behaved than Sam ever was before I kicked him out of my room at night permanently. He'll explore a bit, but not in the thorough, longer way that Sam always did. Mostly, Steve just snuggles with me or keeps watch out the window or at the foot of the bed. 
Cooking! I still love it. I'm less adventurous than I used to be since it's not just for me, but I'm also a lot better at it. And of course we have several favorites, which is one of the reasons there aren't pictures anywhere near as often. Another is that I just don't feel like trying to get the good shot after everything I have to do in a day now. Getting up hella early, walking, commuting, working, commuting back, shopping, and cooking doesn't leave me with that urge to arrange a plate, take a bunch of pictures until one's decent, and then have to type everything up. Plus so much of it just tastes way better than it looks.
I'm really pissed at Dish Network for dropping AMC and IFC. If it's a money issue, why didn't the price come down after they dropped it? Dicks.

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