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575 trivia by christopher575
575 trivia, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

Here's where I hurt my back 12 years ago. Will add details later.


I was doing a little "freestyle walking" after my coworkers and I did the MS Walk, and I ran up that little wall and jumped. Unfortunately, my legs were a little too stiff when I landed and the pressure it sent up my lower back blew out one of my discs. It bothered me for years, sending weird little shocks down my legs when I moved in certain ways. It was actually all better for a couple of years, but then someone who I wasn't supposed to have to help move forgot to write down the number of the person who was, and I got roped into some heavy lifting. And of course, she had one of those damn sofa beds that are made of lead and depleted uranium. That killed it again and it's been a problem ever since.

I actually went through physical therapy for it a few years ago and it's to the point now where it's mostly in check. I just can't stand around very long. Like today, I waited at the bus stop for ten minutes and my back was killing me, but then I walked for over three hours. Go figure.
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