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Back when I was in high school, my mom and I saw Paula Poundstone and I decided to make a pair of earrings to have sent backstage to her. I mounted them on a copy of my "sheet of paper completely filled with little interlocking people" art project that I spent many weeks on. I wish I could find a copy of that.

Anyway, she wrote a thank-you note on that paper and had it sent back out to me. I don't really remember what it said, but I'll never forget that she abbreviated her own name as "PAULA POUNDST." when she signed it, which I thought was hilarious.

Either this morning or yesterday, I had a dream that I was wondering if she actually ever wore those, and then I turned on the TV and spotted her wearing them on a one-hour comedy special she had done that I somehow never knew about. I could tell it was old, and was wondering if she had them even still. Then I turned the channel and saw that she was wearing them while playing Sarah Palin.

I might have forgotten this whole dream, if not for the fact that I just now saw this picture of Crispin Glover on tumblr, in which he looks just like Paula Poundst.

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