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Flickr->LJ is being a little bitch, so here's a longer post.

I was going to get up at 4:10 and do a long morning walk, but my stomach hurt all night and it seemed like a dumb idea. Slept in and got some good snuggle time before we got up for coffee. That was nice. Finally at about 11, I decided to get out.

Turns out my shins are a little sore from Friday

My shins hurt a little bit at the start. That's my "my shins hurt" face, but apparently I always look constipated or something since everyone on FB was all, "What does that have to do with this picture???" Oh well.

It's been a while since I walked by the Louisa Boren overlook or viewpoint or whatever they call it. Good view.


Had to use the "Clearshot HDR" setting to be able to see any of the colors. You're supposed to hold the camera very still for those, which I did, but I couldn't stop the leaves on the tree to the left from moving.

Today's awesome walk, 4.97 miles in 1:34

Ended up walking 4.97 miles in 1:34. Could have walked all the way home, but just wasn't in the mood to push it. We went to the grocery store and are eventually gonna have some pork chops Garrett made low 'n' slow in the French oven. Wish I was already hungry, they smell awesome.

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