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I was walking this morning and noticed they put even more lights on one of the cranes at UW. There was just a tree at the top before, but now there are lights all the way across horizontally. It's kinda cute, because the two separate sections are lit with different strands. I didn't feel like trying to get a video, and remembered I had GifBoom on my phone, so here's what I managed to get.

Cute! Kinda hard to use, though. It's obvious that it was an iOS app and they didn't bother to do much when they converted to Android. The phone's shutter button doesn't do anything, so you have to press a button on the screen. Quite hard to do, even with my smartphone gloves because, while I can uncover my fingers, my thumbs stay covered. But the main challenge was blocking out a streetlight. That's a bit of my hand in the upper right.

I went onto my phone to grab the crane gif and realized I did a test the day I downloaded it.



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