christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I'm a minor psychic

Or maybe just a pessimist. I was a few blocks from my place on this morning's walk and saw a guy in the street with a huge remote control car. Immediately, I thought, this is going to be annoying. Nothing had happened yet, but I knew.

I guess even just him being in the middle of the street was a start. Volunteer Park's just a few blocks away and there's a lot of road there that's always closed to cars. Of course, the park's not open that early, but whatever.

So anyway, I just got past him and was heading north, and the car zoomed past me. Yup, it was annoying. Surprisingly loud, which is super inconsiderate at 4:30am in a very dense residential neighborhood.

Once it was really far away, he tried to turn it around, hitting a car. And the car's alarm went off.

I knew it would be annoying.


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