christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Making ahead = obsession

When I got home yesterday I got tonight's dinner ready. It's cecilgene's crock pot lasagna that I've been wanting to try for years and I finally got around to it! It needs 4-5 hours on low in the crock, so it's in the fridge now and Garrett will put it on this afternoon.

Our crock pot's not the large model, so I was going to halve the recipe. But it calls for beef and sausage, and there's not a good way to get half-portions of those. Plus I'd have to save half an onion. And since I'd never done it, I was worried about maybe running out of sauce. So, even though I only wanted to make half, I went ahead and made a whole pot of sauce, and half is now frozen. This is nice, because I can make another lasagna that much faster next time. Or I can use it with pasta. It's just nice to have it around.

But of course, the anticipation's the worst. I tested the sauce and the cheese (with spinach in it!) and it was all quite good. I just want to skip to dinner time.

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