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Woke up at 3:10 instead of 4:10, which doesn't really make sense since we sprang forward and that would have been 2:10 a few days ago. I was going to just relax for an hour, but after a few minutes Sam decided to make a nuisance out of himself. I'm not complaining, though. He used to be way worse. If I didn't let him in my room, he'd scratch at the door all night, and if I did, he'd dig around all over the place in my room. Since we got back from vacation, I've been leaving my door open, and both cats have been extremely well-behaved. Most of the time, they'll both snuggle with me most of the night. What a wonderful development.

But he decided my night was over, so I got out of bed and decided to catch the first bus to work instead of the second. It comes at 5:23 instead of 5:53, but I only got out of bed 20 minutes early, so I walked faster and made up five of those lost minutes, leaving me with just about the normal amount of time to spare once I got to my stop.

Anyway, the whole point of the post is that it's so much nicer to just get up and leave than to lay around all mad. Can't sleep? Go for a walk!

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