christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Love It or List It drinking game

Take a drink if:
Wine is on the table during the initial meeting in the restaurant.
Female client says David's name in an annoying tone during a propery viewing.
Property being toured has bowl sinks in the bathrooms.
Any property shown is a duplex or semi-detached.
Family needs a mud room.
Listing has no parking.
Female client wants a wall removed because she can't see her child playing in the living room while she's cooking in the kitchen.
Listing has more bathrooms than bedrooms.
Ikea furniture is shown.
Desta's hair isn't teased on top.
One client works from home.
Skinny staircase.
Dining room has a fireplace.
Someone says "open concept".

Finish your drink if:
Food is on the table during the initial meeting in the restaurant.
Asbestos is discovered.
Second staircase is removed.
Attic is renovated.
Basement renovation is canceled due to issues discovered after work begins.
Structural issue which could lead to the ground floor collapsing into the basement is discovered.
Any property is worth over a million dollars.
David shows the clients a condo.
Part of the renovation must be approved by a review board.
Child is involved in any way during renovation or property viewings.
Clients are gay.
Listing has a basement bar.
Open concept main floor is not requested.
Listing has a pool.
Adult children live at home.
Both clients work from home.
Master bedroom at a listing has no ensuite.
Hilary says the renovation budget is more than enough.
Listing shown is still occupied.
Family's home only has one bathroom at the beginning of the show.
Separate rental unit is a requirement to move.
Hilary and David say a different version of "Are you going to love it?" "Or are you going to list it?"

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