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I have mixed feelings about posting about weight loss. I don't measure my accomplishments using a scale, and think it's more important to make permanent life changes in order to achieve permanent results. Usually people kill themselves until they meet a goal, then stop doing what they were doing because they were miserable. What I decided to do instead was just start walking and see what happened.

Since I want people to see how beneficial it's been, I'll share in spite of myself. I'm down 31 pounds in 13 months, and the only change is the walking. I eat and drink whatever I want, and when I started to plateau a bit, I just started doing harder walks; up more hills and steps instead of just going further.

I didn't really feel like sharing the details, but I definitely want people to know that walking is pretty awesome. I can always tell a lot of people don't take it very seriously as a form of exercise, but it suits me just fine.

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