christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Podcast Appreciation Month: My Brother, My Brother and Me

I'm not sure how they found me, but MBMBaM tweeted at me one day to let me know that if I liked podcasts, I should give theirs a shot. I'm glad they did that! Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy dispense extremely unhelpful answers to questions people send in as well as questions found on Yahoo! Answers. As the announcer says in the disclaimer at the beginning, they are not experts, and their advice should never be followed.

Bad advice makes for great podcasting. These guys are hilarious enough that for many weeks, I was listening to each podcast a second time the next day. It's also the only established podcast I ever started listening to and decided I had to go all the way back through the archive.

They were even nice enough to isolate a bit that I loved for me and post it when I asked. You should also search "mbmbam sampler" if you'd like to check the show out without jumping into a full episode.


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