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Podcast Appreciation Month: Nerdist

You've probably heard of Nerdist if you've heard of any podcasts at all. Chris Hardwick has built a pretty huge empire which includes hundreds of Nerdist podcast episodes, 29 other podcasts on the network, a huge YouTube channel, and several monthly live standup shows in Los Angeles. Basically way more than anyone can reasonably keep up with.

I don't even try. I just listen to the main podcast, which releases three episodes a week, and don't listen to the ones featuring guests I'm not interested in. Chris and his cohosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira are all comics and are great at unstructured interviews with all kinds of celebrities, and are still fun to listen to in the "hostful" (no interview) episodes.

The recent episode featuring Tig Notaro is a great first one to listen to if you never have.



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