christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Podcast Appreciation Month: Secretly Timid

Back before podcasting was a thing, I used to have brilliant conversations with my friend Ana at happy hours at Gameworks of all places. We used to say, damn, someone should have been recording that! And now I listen to Secretly Timid and think it's pretty great that this cool group of friends has a structured time every week to get together, catch up, and talk about issues. And you can participate! Leave them a voicemail or send in an email, and it's pretty likely you'll hear it on the show.

The current group (Jon, Nan, Danielle, and Brian) is great to listen to because they get along even if they don't always agree. That's usually true for all groups of friends, but most of us don't spend a lot of time talking about the news of the day any more. Even if we do, it's never for the benefit of listeners who aren't even there.

In addition to the hot topics and a featured song at the end of the show, they also devote some time to shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Project Runway, and are considerate enough to usually set a timer so you know how far ahead to skip if you don't watch those shows or are worried about spoilers. I'll confess, I go ahead and listen even if I haven't seen the episode because I've gotten bad about paying enough attention to the shows I'm watching lately.

Also! Nan is currently raising money for the Seniors Pets Assistance Network, which helps low-income seniors in Dallas County keep their pets by helping with food and veterinary care. Please consider sponsoring Nan's team in the Pins for Pets bowl-a-thon. I did!

Clockwise from left: Brian, Nan, Jon, and a photo of Danielle. They took this picture specifically for this post! :D

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