christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Podcast Appreciation Month: Throwing Shade

I was bummed when Bryan Safi's amazing series, That's Gay, ended its course on Current TV. One of the nice things about Twitter is that you can easily keep up with people when things like this happen, so I started to see the videos he was making with Erin Gibson. They eventually launched Throwing Shade, their weekly podcast about issues affecting ladies and gays.

They're both improv experts, which makes them some of the best podcasters in the business. Even their live shows are completely new each time, which is especially impressive when they hit four cities in six days. If you'd like to hear my cackle a lot, I was in the audience of their recent Seattle show, and it's the most-recently posted episode of the podcast. But I actually recommend listening to several regular podcast episodes before any of the live ones.


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