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One of the things I dream about all the time is real estate. I'm always having dreams about really weird places to live, like strange buildings on hills with switchback hallways, rows of apartments with glass living rooms on the ends, and penthouses with impossible views.

This morning, it was about my grandparents' house. In real life, it was a really cool house. It was built on a giant plot of land in a really peaceful neighborhood, and it started as a two-room house and eventually became a giant 3-bedroom. Amazing brick living room looking out onto a giant, screened-in porch. Master bedroom with an entire wall of closet with floor-to-ceiling mirror sliding doors. Nothing particularly ostentatious, just big and well-done. My mom's stepdad eventually even added a huge workshop and a freestanding garage big enough for a Winnebago.

In the dream this morning, everyone was still alive, and we were there checking the place out as somewhere to possibly take over and move into. The garage had become a miniature warehouse, and there was an apartment-sized master suite upstairs in one corner. I was pretty excited about it, but suddenly I realized the concrete wasn't dry and everyone had messed it up. We started to smooth it back out, when a huge row of cabinetry came crashing down, destroying two cars.

I almost never realize I'm dreaming, no matter how ridiculous the situation becomes. When it does happen, I really enjoy the experience of lucid dreaming, but it's rare. I should have realized it immediately when my mom's stepdad told me he loved me in the dream, because that definitely never would have happened in real life.
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