christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Regarding the last post

Christina's my newest niece in town. Well, nearby in Redmond. She's my brother's stepdaughter, and she's totally awesome. She graduated college, went to portfolio school, then did an internship in Chicago at an ad agency. That didn't lead to a job there, though, so she's staying with her parents while she looks for work. So, the circumstances are less than ideal, but it's cool to have her around. She'll go wherever the work is, so her time here might be limited.

She started doing standup comedy a while back, and she's really funny! I actually wouldn't be surprised if she eventually ended up making a living doing that instead of as a copywriter. I noticed that there's a nice, early open mic at CC's, told her about it, and she came over for it the very next Tuesday, which was last night.

She killed it! She went on ninth or so, and was way funnier than anyone up before her. She also got the most applause. And someone who produces local shows exchanged numbers with her and said she should do some sets. Yay!

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