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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Annual exam chic
Annual exam chic by christopher575
Annual exam chic, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

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Did you turn your head and cough?

I did! And I thought I was gonna get a finger in my butt, and even saw the jelly tube laying out, but he never did that.

Maybe next year! I have to metaphorically turn my head and cough on Thursday. Oh, joy!

Were you bummed out? It's like a movie prop that foretold something that was to play a part later.

Years ago, I went with two straight friends to a porn theater, and after about 45 minutes, two of us were getting bored with it and wanted to leave. Finally the other friend said, "Okay, we can leave as soon as that double-ended dildo on the nightstand in this scene gets used."

And he was as good for his word. The moment the dildo slipped out, he stood up and said, "Okay, NOW we can go."

[end scene]

I wouldn't say I was "bummed" out, but that's a good choice of words.

Just take the "nu" out of the first word.

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