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In my dream this morning, we were watching a movie where Neil Patrick Harris, Pandora Boxx, and Morgan McMichaels were wizards in medieval times. They'd been to battle, and NPH's face was torn up. There was a metallic outline around each of his injuries, which I thought was just some sort of magic spell healing him. But then he started pulling his skin off, revealing a metal skull underneath. The familiar Terminator music theme started playing, and we realized that the producers managed to make the whole Terminator reboot movie in secret, and nobody had spoiled it for us before we went to the theater. Everyone watching was completely stunned, realizing they were witnessing movie history.

The Terminator had obviously been sent too far back in time like that  one episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm sad that I woke up shortly after that and didn't get to see more.
Tags: dreams

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