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- The holidays were fun, but the work one day, get two days off, work two days, get two days off, work a day, get two days off, work a day thing was kind of annoying. Not that it interfered with any great plans or anything, it's just nice when it's in a block. It was nice to have my brother and his wife join us for the Christmas Eve dinner and I'm glad they're living in the PNW now.

- Garrett's mom took us to the casino on the afternoon of New Year's Eve and gave us money to gamble with! Unfortunately, because of the holiday, the buffet price was jacked up, so we did the cafe instead. I'd been looking forward to the buffet. Oink. Just like last time, I gambled everything away. At least I found a new favorite slot machine. And we finally got to see our friend Drew's historic house and his amazing collection of antiques. He's one of those people who restores pocket watches, appliances, and even old cars. Smart dude.

- Been writing a book based on my crazy times about ten years ago. I've tried to do this a couple of times before, but not enough time had passed and I wasn't ready. Suddenly I totally am, and the words have been flying out of me. I don't know what day I started, but it was about three or four weeks ago and I'm already over 42,000 words. I'm not sure if I'll ever try to publish it or anything, but it's been great to do it either way.

- It's been nice to have some new friends on here and see others resume posting! I've always considered the FB experience to be very ephemeral and am glad to have a nice archive here. 

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