christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Asparagus Adventure

One of the most frustrating things is wanting to buy specific produce and finding at the store that it's not in season and is really expensive. Even more frustrating is noticing after you've already rung it up. It really is better to look for what's cheap and work backward, unless you've got money flying out of your ass.

I find myself skipping asparagus a lot because it's expensive, but I was at the store the other day and it was only $1.99/lb, and they even had these awesome 2lb bags. I grabbed a bag, washed the whole thing, snapped off the woody ends (saving them for later), and roasted all of it on two sheet trays. Half of it was for dinner that night, and I saved half for later.

Over the weekend, I threw the woody ends in a crock pot in a box of vegetable stock for about four hours, blended them up in the food processor, then squeezed all the water and juice out of the mush using a strainer. Then I added some cream, spices, and turkey meatballs and mini penne that I needed to use up. Basically just cleaning up the fridge and cabinet by making soup. It was fine, but not spectacular.

Yesterday I started a batch of risotto, eventually adding half a cooked onion, the rest of the asparagus, some parmesan, and a little vinegar. I'm so glad I found a recipe for risotto that mentioned vinegar, it really makes it. I served that with some of my signature chicken, which is frozen tenderloins that I thaw in the microwave, season with salt and pepper, and cook up in a pan using olive oil. It comes out great every time.

I kinda feel like buying four more pounds of asparagus, roasting it, and freezing it all in small batches for later.

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