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Finally got back into a good weekday walking schedule now that we're both settled into our new schedules. I'm still getting up at 4am, but now I'm working for a couple of hours and then heading out when the sun's about to come up. It's not as ideal as what I did before, which was getting up and walking immediately on the way to work, mostly because I have some coffee before I go now. That makes it even more important to find places to pee while I'm walking, and those aren't as abundant up here. There are parks on two sides of Silver Lake, and they both have nice bathrooms, but they aren't being unlocked reliably in the mornings.

The options are pretty limited up here. From my place, I can either head to the lake, the trail, or walk on residential streets where there are usually no sidewalks. I'll be getting a car at some point, and then I'll be able to drive to all kinds of giant parks and beaches and stuff. For now, I'll mostly just make laps around the lake.

Oh and I'll check into mall walking. Ha.

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