christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Walk Fail

Today I made a mistake that I'll probably make exactly once. I drove all the way to a park I hadn't seen yet to walk around on its trails and realized I had my earbuds case, but not the earbuds. Usually when Garrett leaves for work, I unplug them from the front of my speakers and put them in the case so they'll be handy when I leave. I left too quickly after he did, though, and forgot to do that.

I didn't realize it until I got to the park, and decided to try walking around a bit anyway. It was immediately obvious that I wasn't going to enjoy it, because it was mowing day, and there were giant riding mowers everywhere I went. It'd be bad enough walking around trying to dodge those dudes and feel like they're watching, but having to listen, too? Pass.

The day wasn't a complete wash. I came back home and did some exercises using a home gym that came yesterday. It's the kind that's rubber tubing, handles, straps, and door anchors. Today I did three rounds of all the exercises that use the door anchor in the high position, at the lowest weight. Whee.

I'll probably go back to the park tomorrow. Assuming mowing only takes one day.

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