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That didn't happen

That didn't happen by christopher575
That didn't happen, a photo by christopher575 on Flickr.

I went to the movies yesterday (Spiderman 2, it was aight) and wanted to
see what it would look like on the app if I just left it on the whole time
instead of stopping it during the movie. It got it wrong. For some reason,
it shows me going quite fast that whole time at a very high pace, with the
line oddly close to the elevation line. What it should look like is that
second flat area to the right, which is when I was sitting in a Vietnamese
place waiting for them to make sandwiches and figure out how to work the
credit card machine. Which they sort of did, but accidentally charged me
ten extra bucks. Normally the mom and dad are just in the back and the son
runs the front of the house, but he had to get some work done on his car.
Thankfully he arrived in time to finish the transaction and he gave me a
$10 bill rather than void it and run it again. Fine with me.


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