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We were watching I Love the 2000s and they were talking about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, and Garrett had never even heard of it. I was surprised that everyone talking about it on the show liked it, because I remember liking it while everyone haaaaated it.

Cate Blanchett's hair in it stuck "Breakout" by Swing Out Sister in my head so hard.
Anyway I was thinking it was nice to see Karen Allen because I'd really only ever seen her in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Starman, so I looked her up and it turns out she played Christa McAuliffe in a TV movie about the Challenger. We're watching that now.
I was at the same place when I learned about the Challenger disaster as my mom was when she learned about JFK's assassination; we went to the same middle school.
The morning of the second shuttle disaster was when I was on my way with my ex and his mom's ashes to Oklahoma. We buried her urn in a graveyard near the salt flats outside Cherokee. I was so exhausted that I was hallucinating, but I got an early start on the final day of the trip so I could stop by my parents' house. I hadn't seen them in a couple of years, and have no idea why they couldn't turn off Dr. Phil and visit with us.

That ended up being the last time I ever saw my mom.

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The main things people hated about that movie were Shia Lebeouf, the scene where they swing from the cgi monkeys in the trees and the refrigerator/nuclear bomb part. And the aliens. I almost forgot the aliens.

I hate Shia as a person but haven't ever disliked him in a movie. I mostly just laughed at the fridge part because wouldn't it suck to survive a nuclear blast and end up suffocating? Didn't he watch Punky Brewster?

I loved that Punky Brewster episode. Lol.

What is it about parents and their always needing a TV on? Mine seem to never turn theirs off — or the volume down.

My high school gathered outside and watched the Challenger explosion but we didn't know we'd seen an explosion. We just figured it was smoke from the shuttle, until the school secretary came outside and told the headmaster, who'd been in the courtyard with all of us. And he told all of us.

Everyone got so freaked out, we were sent home. Since it was my senior year, I had my car, so I headed home, and on the way, the DJ on the radio was talking about the explosion before heading into "How Will I Know?" by Whitney Houston.

And now I can't hear that song without thinking of the Challenger explosion.

We didn't get to watch because a trunk had bumped up against a gas line or something, sending our building out, fire drill style. We were out there for a while and someone told us about it.

The TVs make me insane. I can't stand talking on the phone as it is, and it's so much more difficult with it blaring in the background.

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