christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I know how this is going to end

I had a dream this morning that I was in a horror movie about three siblings, and I knew things were going to be very bad because I'd seen the sequel. They were all alive and older in the sequel, so I knew they'd be ok, but I didn't know if I, or anyone else, would make it. It was toward the end of the movie, and someone had already tried to kidnap and kill them.

They needed to be kept safe, so a family invited them over for a huge slumber party in their four-story loft. They liked to throw huge poker parties, so one whole floor was stuffed with disassembled purple velvet poker booth seating pushed together to form slumber party bedding. Huge sectional sleeping, it was neat. But there were also huge spaces under all of them. I kept trying to get the hired security to look underneath, but I couldn't say to them that I knew someone was probably under one.

I also kept finding that the building wasn't nearly as secure as they thought. It was huge and they'd just lost track of everything. I pushed the back of some bookshelves and it turned out to be a set of doors that weren't locked looking out onto some train tracks. And a guy riding a bike ran into the door. The shelves were nailed in pretty securely, though, so it seemed like nobody would be able to get in that way.

I woke up and was pretty relieved that nothing had happened yet, but I managed to fall back asleep into the same dream. A couple of times. Or maybe I dreamed that I woke up.

I've never liked when the alarm wakes me up during a dream, but today it was a relief. Way too much suspense.
Tags: dreams

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