christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I know I said I wouldn't walk again until I did more PT

But the fog this morning was just too awesome.

Fog so thick, your hair gets wet

Pigeon Creek Beach ain't all that. You have to park out by the entrance to the port, but I didn't realize that at the time and turned back when I was almost at the gates. Once I got up and out of there, I parked on the street and came back down, realizing only then that the spot where I stopped to look at the map was where I should have just stopped.

Anyway, it's a cool beach if you like looking at industrial stuff on the way. I like the beach at Howarth Park better because it's 100x as long. But I did get closer than ever to a great blue heron.

Probably the closest I've been to a heron

Fog shot on the way back. I love when the world just disappears.

Vanishing point

The beach and railroad tracks are up against a huge hill that probably wouldn't be there any more if it wasn't for all the trees and stuff. Hard to capture the scale without someone to go pose in front of it.

Waiting for King Kong

These two slugs were in a yin-yang position when I left the house. Should have got a photo then instead of waiting until I got home.

Winning the race

My back didn't feel great, but it was worth it.


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