christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Sweet relief

Working on Dawson's Coiffures has been a very different experience than Sweaters of Felicity was. The main difference was that I was watching Felicity anyway, and just had to make a mental note of where the few sweaters in each episode were. We watched the first few episodes of Dawson't Creek and decided not to continue watching, but I kept going with the blog about their hair. Without actually watching, I have to scan through the episodes on Netflix looking for scenes to grab from. It's really not fun. But I like to finish what I start, so I just wait until I'm quite bored and then I'll work on an episode.

It's already had tons more posts than Sweaters did. I'm through s4e10, and that makes 847 posts. Sweaters had 267 posts total. I went back to the Netflix page for the show to see how many more there were to go, and saw that there are six seasons, so I'm not even 2/3 of the way through. But then I also saw that it's only available for another 10 days. I'm definitely not slogging through the rest in that time, so I'll be taking a forced vacation from the blog and will resume it when it comes back to Netflix. If it ever does.

This makes me happy. I know I can take a break whenever I want. That's not the issue. It's like being given time off.

It's also funny to realize that I could have just as easily made it a Sweaters of Dawson's Creek blog, as they are just as plentiful there. Or even Joey's Dorky Faces.

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