christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

OnDemand vs. OnDemand

I'm grateful for OnDemand movies because there's tons of weird stuff on there that you're unlikely to find on Netflix instant or the free stuff on Amazon Instant Video. Maybe on Netflix discs or for rent on Amazon, but nothing you'd want to get on disc or pay for.

Before we moved to Everett, we were on Dish Network, and while there was a little bit of OnDemand and Blockbuster at Home on there, it was terrible. The interface was slow and choppy, and it took forever to scroll through to find anything. We switched to Xfinity when we were in the apartment because our deck didn't have enough Southern exposure, but now that we're in the house, we're back on Dish. Now we have the Hopper, and I'd say it's pretty comparable to the Xfinity X1, just not as slick.

One feature I desperately miss from the X1 is the ability to sort all free movies by date added. That made it really easy, once I checked out everything they had to offer, to keep up with everything they got. Any time I was bored and wanted to watch something, I could open it, sort, and see what was new.

But the X1 crashed at least once a week.

Anyway, I must get back to Sleepstalker.

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