christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Recovering from Las Vegas

Four nights in Las Vegas is perhaps one night too many, but the rate for Thursday and Sunday was only $40 each night, so I couldn't really resist. I had a really great time meeting Nan and Jon from Secretly Timid in person for the first time, plus catching up with Brad, Curtis, and Brian. And since I had access to a food court plus lots of free drinks in our convention's hospitality suite, it wasn't all that expensive. I even won $300 on the Buffalo Stampede slot machine. $100 one morning and $200 the next night. That was nice.

Now that I'm back, I can continue work on our family photos wall. Here's one of my favorites.

Mom and Grandma's tournament team

That's my mom upper right, and her mom lower left. The blonde woman with the amazing hair below my mom is Gerry, she and her husband were very good friends of the family. I love their smiles here.

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