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Giving it a shot

I was heading to the living room to do PT this morning, but a the first hints of a nice sunrise were peeking over the treetops, and I really wanted to get out in it. I had whined in an email last night to njbearcub1 that my PT hadn't been yielding the results I wanted, but it had actually been a while since I checked. So I geared up and headed out.

Good morning

This photo screams "Everett!" to me. Property with a million dollar view and a rusty truck in the yard.

Everett in a nutshell

But it really is pretty here. I walked toward the water, past historic homes pressed into the hillside. Fog was clinging to the next hill off in the distance, and I noticed the entire valley was fogged in as I headed back.

Sea of fog

That made me wish I'd driven out to the slough or the riverside trail to walk, but maybe I'll do that on Sunday instead. It's nicer to go to places like that when there's no weekday traffic.

Today's awesome walk, 3.6 miles in 1:13 (281ft gain)

The yellow circle is a trail that goes down Forgotten Creek. I'll check that out some other time. It's too bad BNSF has a fence at the bottom, otherwise there'd be access to the trail to Pigeon Creek Beach.

It occurred to me on the way back that I have to have the same attitude about PT that I do about exercise. Keep at it and enjoy the benefits as they occur, rather than having a goal in mind and being frustrated because you're not there. That sets people up for failure anyway, because they're willing to make themselves miserable for a short time to reach a goal, doing things that aren't sustainable in the long run.


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