christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Problem-solving skills

One thing I really liked about the apartment we lived in for a few months while house hunting was the nice, long kitchen counter which allowed me to alphabetize the spices.

I alphabetized the spices

Since we're settled into the house, there's more stuff that's got a home on the counter, and the spices wouldn't really work on it. I was making a recipe that called for dried basil and realized I wasn't even sure if we had any. I definitely didn't feel like digging through all of them, which are now stored on a sliding rack in a cabinet that acts basically like a drawer.

Luckily, I realized that I could just bring up the flickr app on my phone and it'd be easy to zoom in on that picture and see if there was any basil in the collection since the "B" section is shown quite clearly. And there wasn't any, so I used Italian seasoning instead.

I actually use flickr as a reference quite often, like when I'm filling out a form and have fill in a specific date for a move or a job starting or ending. It's a nice resource.

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