christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Corn salad

Microwave three cobs of corn in their husks for six minutes, cut the solid end off, and shake the cob out while holding the silk end. There are videos about this on YouTube. Allow them to cool a bit and cut the kernels off. It's less messy if you do this with the cob laying down instead of holding it upright. Throw the kernels into a big mixing bowl. Chop up a yellow onion and add it. Crumble a package of queso fresco and add it. Feta would work if you can't find it. Julienne some basil and add it. I used half a package because that's what I had. A whole one would have been fine. Add some salt and pepper, and toss the whole thing with some olive oil and white wine vinegar.

This makes a lot. Like, one of those plastic containers that's almost as big as a shoebox. Spoon it into one of those and leave it in the fridge for several hours to let the flavors meld. Give it a taste and see how it is. I added even more vinegar.
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