christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Good morning

The views from the parking area across the road from American Legion Memorial Park are pretty neat, and the free telescopes are fun.

Good morning from the free telescope in the park

The rest of the park was a little underwhelming. It looks huge on the map, but it's next to a golf course, and it's not easy to tell on the map where the park ends and the golf course begins. Once you're there, you see the fences and realize the park isn't very big at all. It's also not great for walking because there are no trails, and grass is usually terrible because it's usually wet. At least it was frozen today.


And the playground's cute.


I wonder if the flowers were left for the person the bench is dedicated to.


Since I'd only done about a mile, I drove down to the waterfront to walk there. It was a bit surprising to see that a lot of the marina was frozen over.


The views down by the water were quite nice, but for some reason I only took a picture of this 'pon in the wild. Been a while since I saw one on a walk.

Wild 'pon

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