christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Awesome foggy morning

When I first came downstairs, I could see a huge bank of fog all throughout the valley that was tall enough to block most of the view of the mountains. I hoped it would roll over to us, and I wasn't disappointed.

Fog rolling in
Fog rolling in

It was everywhere and very thick on our way out to breakfast, and then on the way home, the sun was beating down on all the fences, rooftops, and trees, and steam was billowing up off all them. It was really cool.

This has been a fun weekend. We went to one of the neighborhood bars on Friday (there's really only two) and ended up meeting a very cool girl and staying much later than we should have. The move up here has been great, but I've also been really lonely and I was kind of worried I'd never meet anyone interesting up here.

And funny enough, she's the neighbor of one of the few people we do know up here, who Garrett has known most of his life. Small world. Or at least, small town.

And because I forgot to post it, here's a funny candle I saw at a thrift store on Thursday. Picture if you burned it. Their poor faces would slowly melt off.

Twisted candle of death

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