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The best annual tradition: Dina Martina Christmas Show!

This show is always a boozy affair so we decided to take the bus down to Seattle. Our stop was across the street from the new neighborhood weed store.

Neighborhood wacky tabaccy shop

The bus itinerary was pretty rough. They don't run often and we didn't want to miss it, so we were at the stop 20 minutes early. The transfer in the schedule was only a seven-minute window, and the bus arrived two minutes late. And everyone who got on after us was taking their sweet time doing it. Our bus to Seattle was pulling away as we got off the bus, but luckily the driver stopped when I flagged him down.

There are no express buses on Sunday either, so it takes a while to get down. That gave me plenty of time to research lunch options, and we ended up at Feierabend about five minutes before they opened. While we waited, I spotted a family sticker set that was a bit ominous.

Ghost Dad
"Ghost Dad"

I stole this picture of our lunch from Garrett. We split a wurst sampler, dumplings, and fries with curry ketchup. It was awesome and I should make more german food.

We got to Re-Bar about 15 minutes before doors opened, and we were first in line. This has never happened before. I got the required shot of their arrow.

Obligatory Re-bar arrow shot

Garrett's former coworker brought along various pieces of flair for us to wear. I got a tiny hat.

Ho ho ho

We finished with a wings, strips, and tots dinner at 95 Slide, which is a dull version of a couple of different older bars that I liked that have inhabited that space. We barely made our bus and barely made our transfer, and then next bus home once we got back to Everett wasn't for 35 minutes or so. Normally there are plenty of taxis there, but there was only one last night. He took a guy home and came back for us, along with an older couple who were on their way back to Mill Creek.

I don't miss Seattle all that much, but I do miss being able to walk to a show like that and take a quick bus or Uber back up the hill.

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