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The somewhat less reluctant yogi

Since I want to make sure I give the yoga a chance to prove to be beneficial, I'm going to do more of it. I did it twice last week, and am planning for three times this week, on M/W/F. Hoping to keep that schedule up for a while with some swimming for sure on Tuesdays and maybe on Thursdays. Haven't walked as much lately, but did a quick trip to the park and back this afternoon. I can't tell if I'm so tired because I didn't sleep well last night or if I did yoga and went for a walk today. Probably some of both.

Walking up to the park, I took some death stairs.

Everett also has death stairs

For those of you who are newer here, that's what I call large outdoor staircases I encounter on my walks. It's particularly apt for these, since they're covered in slippery wet branches due to the last major storm.

I used the neighborhood shortcuts to get back. Moving Eastward, I used the first two, and there's one more that leads from my street out one more close to the main drag. Some kids were playing by that one, and as I emerged from the second one, they fell silent. I think maybe they thought they were the only ones who know about the shortcuts. Sorry, boys.

Here's a nice shot of our trees I got on the way in.

Been a while since I got a good shot of the trees

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