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TV can be good for you

We had such a great weekend. Yesterday was a fun day of snacks and DVDs. We did some work on Saturday over at Grandma's with Garrett's parents and then had lunch at the China Doll, which was totally cool inside and had great food. But the highlight of the weekend was our early Valentine's Day outing to Prohibition Gastropub followed by some cocktails and pool at Bar Myx, which is Everett's only gay bar.

Prohibition was a wonderful experience from start to finish. There was a special cocktail list of ginger coktails, and we both started off with the best wedge salad I've ever had. He ordered the special filet mignon, and I had the braised short ribs. Both were perfect, and came with awesome mashed potatoes and green beans. I'm not big on desserts, but we split an apple crisp and I was glad we did it.

I normally wouldn't expect anyone to recognize a restaurant I mention here, but Prohibition was on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. I managed to catch this episode pretty close to when it aired, and had been wanting to try the place ever since.

In the couple of years since the episode aired, the owner and the restaurant have come a long way, and it was really inspiring to see. Honestly, you almost wouldn't even believe it's the same person. We went early, as we always do, and had a lot of fun talking to her and the bartender. She comes across now as someone who really loves what she's doing and finds the work extremely rewarding. She's very charming, and makes you feel so welcome. It's not a cheap place to eat, but it's well worth it and I'm looking forward to going again.

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